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Included below are the basics for the game world, with links to some specifics that’ll be helpful in understanding some of the more detailed background bits.

History and Culture

The creation story of the Elves and their history, along with some cultural notes.


Notes about the Courts, the Priesthood, and the Celestial Council.

Technology and the Arts

Gives you some information as to the state of the arts and sciences within the Elven Kingdoms.

Elven Society

General notes about societal interactions, traditions, taboos, that sort of thing.

Gods and Astrology

Includes the notes on the major religions and deities of the Elven pantheon.


The nine great provinces are detailed within.

Legendary Monsters and Heroes

Notable creatures which roam the lands/oceans causing problems, as well as heroes known to the people.

Class Notes

General notes about PC classes and their roles in society and cultural influences.

The Gnomes

Gnome history

The origin story, so to speak, is a bit different from that of the Elves given the big distance between the two groups. Gnomes live in two distinct areas: the Huun mountain plateau (these are the “northern”, or “city” gnomes), or the jungles of Jakbarbo (the “southern”, or “jungle” gnomes).

Gnome culture

Notes on the distinct civilizations of Gnomes and their roles in society.

Gnome Territories

The two civilizations of Gnomes detailed within.

The Humans

Human history

As there are no humans in our game, these bits of information are from what some Elven and Gnome scholars have managed to puzzle out over the years.

Human culture

With the history above, so with the culture below – however, most of these are from Elven and Gnome perspectives; what they have witnessed filtered through their experiences.

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