Burning Castles

The Gnoll Campaign, part 2 - Game 13

In which our heroes are asked to go into the forests of Hanxa to discover what had become of those captured by the gnolls. There was a fort upon a hill where gnolls were “celebrating” their victory, all in reverence to the Great Mother and the Demon Father. A half hill giant (half-elf) woman was the leader of the group, treated with reverence as a divine vessel of the Great Mother.

A clever plan was enacted to get the captured elves out of the fort, and then burn the place to the ground showing no mercy. While it was discovered by a scout that the cave the giant was staying in also held the captured gnome, there in were also two giant infants. Unfortunately, they appeared to be demon progeny and were executed – after which a great melee ensued between the giant and the heroes. Subsequently, the giant cursed the paladin to return – in some form – to seek revenge. After which the heroes returned to the capital without the company of their inquisitor friend, who had wandered off on his own in shock.



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