Burning Castles

The Gnoll Campaign - Game 12

Story Arc 2

  • It is found that the mountain fortress was originally royal property and falls back to the king after the judge’s death. That paperwork … disappears. Ago Fan is the accountant that took care of all this.
  • Lizzie discovers several courtiers had vanished recently, and are wanted for questioning by the Judges. One went West with his wife in search for a cure for a deadly ailment, one went south to gain wisdom in his golden years and surrendered his home, and a third took his entire household – save one staff member – south west in some sort of crazy scheme.
  • Xie Qin – the head Judge – gives Li Xian authority as an inquisitor within Hanxa to track down demons.
  • The expeditionary force of 300 is routed, leaving 150 elven dead, 120 survivors returning, and 30 captured. Captain Bai Gao reports the terrible news.
  • The King’s military chief asks the group to serve as a scouting party to find out what happened to the captured. Artur, the Gnome diplomat, was among the captured.
  • A ranger is sent with the group to do tracking.

The party marches out to find the countryside pocked with the signs of combat. The villages on the frontier mention no Gnoll raids in the last few months, at least until the expedition force came through to fight the raiders. Investigation of Gnoll corpses reveal heavy disease.

Then, at night, the party is ambushed tracking the prisoners. They fight hard, and kill all but one Gnoll to get information. The Gnoll is clearly delirious and diseased, speaks of the Great Mother as his god and how her avatar has come to show the Gnolls to a new life. Dies by beheading.

Also found are giant-sized boot prints.



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