Burning Castles

Downtime - investigating the cult

Enter the fall season

The upcoming session, August 30th, will take place in the middle of the fall season – months after the Midsummer Fire Festival and the cult attack.

  • There is a task force to investigate this cult, and if it has a presence within the city. If so, how big of a presence and if it’s a danger to the people or the court.
  • There’s definitely talk about what the note left at the temple of P’an means, especially since…
  • The Council of Heaven has returned from the holy mountains! This much is known to be true, but there has not been any official word beyond their glorious return. Rumors, however are another matter – please let me know if you’re interested, and a relevant roll you’d make to learn them.
  • There’s been an upswing in violence to the western border (with Yu), as reports come in of bandits raiding villages in the night and kidnapping people. General Po has been given command to increase the number of militia in those regions and increase patrols along major roads to the West.



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