The Kingdom of the Elves, typically referred to as the Emerald Kingdoms, have evolved over the centuries from a clan structure to a more formal feudal system. At the center of the government, the Council of Heaven serves as the voice of the celestial figures (the gods of divine rule) and as representatives of the elves to the Heavenly Kingdom. Edicts from the Council are passed through high priests to the Emerald Kingdoms and interpreted into the law of the land.

Current Kings

Court Rankings:

Nobility (Hauzhu): those within the noble families who can inherit by blood.

Ministers (Jong): those who are appointed by nobility to oversee smaller regions in the Kingdom or those appointed to major functions of the noble court.

Bureaucrats (Tung): those who are appointed by the minister courts who carry out the day to day operation of the court and its hands in the smooth running of all the offices.


Fao: the head of the original clan family within the kingdom’s territory, traditionally overseeing the clan’s ancestral home (now recognized as a dutchy).

Lai: a noble with title over extensive and strategic borderland estates (marquis, essentially)

Zhi: a noble with title over central estates (count), holdings are still rather robust.

Lui: the lowest noble (baron) given title over small holdings, usually in less important territory.


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