Legendary Monsters and Heroes

Those monsters and legendary heroes known to have lived, are living now, or are rumored to exist.

Yugai – the horror of the Misty Sea. This beast has wrecked nearly a dozen fishing vessels and claimed over a hundred sailor’s lives. An impressive bounty awaits any hero who slays the beast.

Bokug – the leader of a troll clan living within the mountains along the northwestern border of the Kubei desert. It is said that while monstrous and truly terrifying in battle (in raids and defending his growing territory), he fights with a sense of honor.

The Midnight Spirit – there is a malevolent spirit that haunts the graveyards of Zhou, appearing one night here, and another night far away at another grave site. Those who hear it speak of an eerie child’s voice speaking of grisly nightmarish torture, but no one has seen the apparition and lived.

Ku-soh-lu – The great Desert Naga, said to have allied with the blue dragons of the Kubei desert, who has plagued the badlands between Yu and the human territories for decades – attacking caravans and striking encampments of those seeking to find the buried treasure of the old Naga civilization. The King of Yu has an impressive bounty for the Naga’s capture, a rare beast he plans on preserving and mounting within his palace.

Legendary Monsters and Heroes

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