Gods and Astrology

The chief religion within the Emerald Kingdoms is Ma-yi, with two sects – Shiguen, and Aunguen. Both share many of the same traits, with a few fundamental differences that keep them separate. They both emphasize the importance of benevolent order, stemming from the heavenly family to the individual (heaven > ruler > clan > community > family), and the gods of the two sects have the same names. Shiguen expresses greater adherence to ritual and law, while Aunguen emphasizes reflection and change. These two sects have co-existed for hundreds of years without major cause for strife.

Within both sects there are the Heavenly Regents, greater immortals (gods) which rule over the world and the benevolent creatures within, and the Shadow Regents, the greater immortals which rule over the dead and malevolent creatures.

Under the Heavenly/Shadow Regents there are the Divine Aspects, lesser immortals aligned with each Regent, then the Greater Spirits which serve the Aspects, and then countless minor beings of power which are tied to various locales, communities, ideals, etc.

Every winter and spring, great ceremonies are held to revere the Regents or celebrate their blessings, for which all people in the Kingdom join in.

Other rituals and holidays are also documented.

Gods and Astrology

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