Gnome history

There are two systems of Gnome history – the mythic recitations, which is kept by the Oracles, and the Generational Script which is maintained by the wizards.

This is a part of the Mythic Recitation.

In the Time of Entwined Serpents, the Great Goat Kibok, had traveled across the Star Labyrinth to find a suitable home for her and her three mates: Ugn, Tng, and Lng. The Pavilion was perfect, the light warm, but the only suitable land was out of balance – four great serpents were strangling the life under their scales. Their bodies, gorged on the energies, had kept one side of the land always facing two suns and the other shrouded in the cold darkness.

Kibok and Ugn took turns harassing the snakes out of their lassitude, while Tng and Lng bit at their necks, puzzling out how to untwine them.

The snakes fought back, and for years the four goats and four snakes struck at each other. With all the movement and re-positioning, the snakes became untwined, and the land started to rotate. Blood from the goats’ wounds seeped under the snakes’ bodies, creating the seas, and with the decapitated head of the serpent Ap was pulled with such great velocity, it hung in the sky.

With the movement of the seas below them, and all the injuries sustained, the snakes – in harmonious order – fell to ground just as Kibok envisioned and withered out the captured energies upon the land. Ugn had lost too much life energy in the fight and died, and so Kibok buried him in the ocean – his horns forming the first pillar of heaven. Tng and Lng then descended to the lands to plow the magic into ordered webs while Kibok gave birth to the first child gods. Completely spent, she whispered the first secrets of creation to her children, and left – with Tng and Lng – to slowly wander the Star Labyrinth into her fading years.

There are three comets that trail each other, the largest and most visible one is Kibok, who passes during the late fall every 130 years. Her mates, Tng and Lng, pass sequentially 47 days apart, in the spring following Kibok.

The first Gnomes grew from within the rock of the Tshermak mountain, and within the caves gathered into communities. This was the Age of Coal & Fire. Gnomes made friends with other mountain dwellers, the Ulmo – giants that wandered the summits above the clouds – and the mystic Gyamm, the goat-headed peoples. As the communities grew, the Gnomes spread down the mountain and into the low passes – those then created a new civilization (the Soonam) centered around the sapphire rivers. From there, the two civilizations prospered and grew – although the lands of the Soonam proved much more fertile.

Many years past, and with the domestication of the riding goat the Gnomes of Soonam looked further down the great mountains to the steppes below. Trailblazers and settlers took to making long journeys down into the misty valleys, and tales of faeries, flying lizards, and river spirits made their way back by excited travellers. More so, the hills below had great veins of metal easily extracted, there was just one hitch: in spreading out into the hills below they had made contact with the Ogres of the Broken-Tooth. Thus started the Age of Spears.

Settled from their conquest of the Hill Giants, the massive Broken-Tooth tribe had extended their territory on the borders of the Gnome mountains without either of them knowing.

Gnome history

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