Daoli – Where your characters reside at the beginning of the story. Daoli is centered in a fertile plain, surrounded by rich farmland and situated nearby a large tributary of the Gao River. A number of prominent philosophers and magicians had their beginnings in Daoli, despite its humble rural charm.

Fubei – Best known for its sprawling rice fields, rich marshland, and strong beer. Fu Bei is unique in that it has two governors and two capital cities, and a reputation of being inoffensive and genial.

Shen – Far to the north east, Shen’s people are the most isolated – in many ways – from the rest of the world. Others who’ve visited their lands often return with few stories to tell; “it was cold and the food was terrible” is the usual sentiment. However, they are the only producers of shadow silk – a rare and much sought after material that has gained a immense popularity recently.

Xingdu – The holiest of sites, and the oldest of elven artifacts, lives within the territory of Xingdu. With the movement of the Regent’s Court to the capital city, Xingdu has become quite the cosmopolitan province overnight. Unaccustomed to political intrigue, the temples are grappling with the sudden population swell.

Wen – Some of the oldest sacred forests to the Fae reside in Wen, and as such few outsiders are allowed to pass through without guides. Non-elves are strictly forbidden to travel across the borders, instead being shown around the edge into Shen or Hanxa. The Regents have given their blessing to the guardians of the forests, that they act with Heaven’s guidance.

Zhou – Unfortunately, Zhou is now known as the “once had” province, which the governor does not take lightly. Once the seat of the Regency, once home of the most prestigious magic academy, and once the richest silk grower in the land… now comes second-best to other provinces (Xingdu, Hanxa, and Shen respectively). Now they are amassing an impressive army – to help protect the council from harm – so they may have something unique yet.

Hanxa – while sharing a close longitude with Shen, the Hanxa people are blessed with a more accessible coastline and richer forests, better fishing, and an exceptional education system. Unfortunately they’ve also had to contend with large sea monsters in the recent years, which has caused quite a lot of problems for a people dependent on the sea.

Yu – Scraped together at the very Western border of the Kingdom, Yu has quite the dichotomy between rich cities that trade with humans & gnomes, and poor towns and settlements that lie close to the Kubei desert. Their rich mineral deposits and unique access to the abandoned underground cities of the Desert Naga stand in contrast with their (very) unofficial and controversial practices of slave labor and on-again-off-again truce with the neighboring bandits.

Song – Boasting the best boat builders and the largest coastline, Song has an impressive fleet of ships at their disposal as well as the most contact with other nations. Song also has a reputation of being just a bit aloof to the Regent’s authority, although never to a punishable extreme.


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