Burning Castles

Pre-game info: character creation
That's how we roll, mofo's!

To get a general background on the game intro, see the “Dashboard” section – for more specifics on the history, notable people and events, etc. see the “Wiki” section. Here’s the character generation bit:

  • The starting “world” we’re playing in is populated by 85% elves, 10% humans, 3% half-elves, and 2% gnomes. You may play those races.
  • You may have an “exotic” lineage if you wish, and this may factor into your mythic storyline in the future; however, it will not affect your current situation in any way.
  • You have a 20 point buy for stats (“high fantasy”). You can find the chart for spending those here
  • You may take up to 2 traits, subject to DM approval. It was first 2, then I bumped it to 3 back when I was considering Heritage tables, and now I’ve put it back down to 2. Sorry for the confusion (updated 7/26/15).
  • Everyone will be starting at level 1.
  • Any core class from the Player’s Handbook will be allowed. During character advancement, other classes from the APG will be allowed: Inquisitor, Oracle, and Witch. Some of the alternative sub-classes from the APG (Shaman, for example) can also be substituted. No classes from the ACG at this time.
  • Special note for sorcerers: some of the bloodlines will be restricted. See the DM for approval.
  • Starting gold – 500gp. If you take the “Rich Parents” trait, that’s in “addition” to the starting 500gp (i.e. 1,400gp total). Please see me before doing so, however.
  • No evil characters. In my world, no PC race starts off with a tendency for good or evil – only law or chaos. Elves and gnomes favor law, humans favor chaos.

Your characters are being selected for a particular magistrate duty by the King of Daoli, so they’re in decent shape and are young-ish. This game will start as often these sorts of stories do, with the characters being relative nobodies in town (although they may have been important elsewhere) who start with humble backgrounds and turn out to be the kind of heroes legends are written of. Larger than life is good, even if it’s just their personality at this point.


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