Burning Castles

The Nezumi of the White Store clan

After the confrontation with the Great Mother demon and her lackeys, the group decides to make their way back to their hidden fortress to assess what they had and who would take care of the rescued children. Eventually the lizardman, Symasi, agreed to stay and raise the lizard child as his own while teaching the Nezumi some of his monk skills. Lizzie, Terra’s character, and Chiko head to the southwest, hot on the trail of the remaining tainted gnolls – while Li Xian and Kang go south to start their investigation of Daoli’s ruins.

After a successful hunt, Lizzie and Terra’s character return to Hanxa – much magic creation takes place during this time. They then hear of the problems the White Stone clan are having with disease, and rush to their aid. It is discovered that two of their leaders had been captured trying to find medicine, and the rest have suffered greatly and could not heal. Godly healing is done by the PCs, enough to eventually cure them all, and then a rescue party is formed to go and free the prisoners!

Also discovered: the mountain is fire giant territory, and the fire giants have been capturing and enslaving the native ogre population.



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