Burning Castles

Wen in Rome - Game 8

Go north, life is peaceful there!


Large groups of refugees have trekked far from Daoli into Wen, finding temporary shelter within the forests. Meanwhile, our heroes press further north, not wanting to stop. The demon from last session revealed that the destruction of the First Pillar of Heaven was on its way – or may have already been completed – by demonic forces, and so the PCs press on into Hanxa with the ultimate goal of discovering what has happened to the First Pillar.

Winter has other plans; the pass into the valley of Aijin is snowed in for the winter, and so the party must stay a few months within Maju waiting out the season. During that time, the group rests, learns a bit about the first pillar from some old books, and even discovers a magical trinket that summons a talking animal.

Up in the mountain passes, its also discovered that several groups of bugbears have made their way through the snow drifts south of the valley. A small nezumi family also comes to visit, feeling the pull of the new gods; she resupplies, gives her thanks, and moves on.

Once the snow starts to melt, the party crosses the mountains and descends the pass into the valley to the capital of Hanxa. There they are greeted in the peony court by an official, with whom they discuss the tragic events and the invading bugbears.

Now settled in the city of Zushoji, the group has found a home to stay in, a nezumi fighter who has sworn his service to Li-zhi, and a great old mother dying.



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