Burning Castles

Settling Inn - Game 9

Now settled in Daishen, the heroes find some time to warn the local military leaders of an impending Gnoll attack – which the generals take under advisement. The party is granted a court residence in the heart of downtown for their troubles and future contributions to the courts, and so the party rests their travel-weary bones for a time.

Once rested, the group goes wanders to the south to scout upon the Gnolls’ eventual arrival only to find out that the war party continued East. Totally unexpected, they’re not going to attack the capital at all – they’re making a round-about path to the coast instead.

So following the Gnoll tracks, they do indeed find the war party had made its way down to the coast and raided a local fishing town for their boats. It becomes clear, the Gnolls are making their way to the first Pillar of Heaven. That can’t be good!

Seeing one last boat left, our heroes bravely jump aboard and sail off to intercept the evil furry people.

On their way, they encounter a friendly silver dragon who teleports them to their destination ahead of the Gnolls. At the Pillar itself, the party finds their way into the obelisk-like structure, encounter the First Devil – whom they converse with for some time – then scrounge for tools and materials to defend the island with, in this case wood to make a catapult.



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