Burning Castles

Game #14 - Acting with iron(y)!

Weddings, poison, action, costumes!

Downtime happens…

  • Lizzie travels back to Wen to find a master leather-worker to create masterwork bags.
  • Terra’s character gets into a business venture with a gnome from Fu Bei in an iron prospecting interest. In exchange for meetings with Hanxa courtiers, percentages of interest are discussed as well as marriage proposals. Some magic item creation time is spent as well.
  • Li Xian goes off to meditate and fish, bonds with a tiger and return a changed man.
  • Khan gets himself deeper into the black market trade, establishing a lucrative shadow silk deal.
  • Chiko goes off to practice his air bending.

When everyone returns, surprise: royal wedding! The princess of Shen will be marrying the King of Hanxa, and everyone’s a little… “umm, is that a good idea?” about it, although after the priesthood was removed from the courts there’s still the lingering feeling that the king can do no wrong. There are going to be three wedding ceremonies – a public one, a “important people” one, and a private ceremony for close family only. Some of our heroes attended the second, to find that one of the members of the Shen delegation is EEEEVIL! Just one, though. The princess isn’t evil.

Then there was the play, which was simply the best the playhouse has ever produced. During the final act, Terra’s character is poisoned by a needle strike from another actor! He escapes, only to be intercepted later and found to be a dupe. There’s confusion and an attack upon a royal handmaiden attending the performance by Khan. Heightened security seems to be something the playhouse needs.

Eventually they find the assassin holed up in a communal wayhouse along the piers. Everyone inside is dead (except one), and it turns out the assassin swallowed a wasp to kill himself. In his possession is a list of elves – their physical description – as targets for assassination.



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