Burning Castles

Civil Unrest - part 2

  • Protest marches in Daishen, Lizzie is out protecting the protesters.
  • Three groups – the Traditionalists (those that still support the priesthood), the Loyalists (those who support the King), and the Scaled (those that seek the return of the Dragons). The power of the Traditionalists wane, but are protected by the courts, while the Loyalists grow in strength.
  • Visiting of the Judges of the Shining Sword – inquisitors. Bring in priests for questioning and interrogation. Generally politically neutral.
  • A number of the party are arrested for being at a Dragon Ascendant gathering. Held in suspicion, except Lin Kai, who is given special treatment.
  • Priesthood authority suspended, King takes power during ceremony.
  • Jailbreak is organized and carried out without problems.
  • Later, further jailbreak is committed, with the help of the Nezumi, to get the rest of the monks out of being hanged.

Oh, and the parrot turns out to be a polymorphed criminal.



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