Burning Castles

Civil Unrest, part 1 - Game 11

Downtime -

  • Lizzie spends time with the Nezumi, learning their cultural ways and helping them out in their new home.
  • Li Xian goes to explore his new mountain fortification, and cultivates a tea plantation in the surrounding area west of Daishen. The fort is named “House of Strong Vitality”.
  • Khan opens a tea shop in Daishen, selling the first harvest of tea from HSV. It’s not very good and doesn’t sell very well, but over time should improve. Keeping an ear on things happening on the black market, he also dabbles in a bit of smuggling.
  • Lin Kai gets into the good graces of the local magic schools, makes many scrolls to sell, and learns quite a few new spells from her friends.
  • The group learns that the local fisheries are being disturbed by a giant sea creature, which they go to visit the local druid circle about. There’s some talk about not being sure what to do about it, and to go find Kuan Ti in town to rejoin the circle. Kuan Ti is a 4-armed elf blessed with incredible magical powers who would like nothing more than leaving this kingdom and finding new adventure. Alas, her 4-armed status makes blending in outside of her hometown difficult.
  • General Zuji learns of the Pillar attack and goes to send an expeditionary force to suppress the Gnolls once and for all. This doesn’t go well later.
  • The word about the Celestial Council spreads, and the Dragon Ascendant cult makes a showing, gaining popularity. Many of their number are arrested for opposing the priesthood.



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