Paul’s new mythic Pathfinder game

Welcome to the true Elven homelands far across the sea from Bos! A land of soaring peaks, majestic rivers, plains stretching into the horizon, and uncomfortably haunted deserts – were legendary creatures roam the lands and mighty heroes ascend into the realms of the gods!

You all reside in the province of Daoli, one of the 9 great provinces in the Emerald Heaven Kingdom. Unfortunately, these days are marked by strife, as if the land is turning against its people:

  • Incredibly powerful storms in the winter, with massive flooding and bitter cold.
  • Deep droughts in the spring and summer, ruining crops.
  • Civil unrest in the southern provinces, where governors are disobeying the mandate of the Regents.
  • Emboldened monstrous raiders in the western desert, encroaching into Yu province and enslaving townsfolk!

The Council of Heaven have retreated into the eastern province of Xingdu on a pilgrimage into the holy mountain to seek wisdom and mercy from the gods; in their leave, the priests have taken over the Councilors’ duties to the kingdom. However, time is growing short and the Kings & Queens are becoming uneasy. There are whispers that the Councilors have fallen out of favor among the gods, that the Priests of Heaven are incompetent, have given up, and are off seeking immortality. Perhaps someone bold, someone with true power & the blessings of the gods, and someone with a really large army, could restore the land to glory.

So here you are; you’ve come from different places – within the Kingdoms and from without, for a variety of reasons you’ve found yourself in Daoli. You hear nervous talk of bad omens, banditry, and bad harvests. You’re a restless bunch, eager to seek fortune, glory, immortality, or maybe just bring some measure of peace & harmony to your home.

Character Generation

Please see the “Adventure Log” entries from Nov. of 2014, details will be there.

Important setting notes

This game setting is loosely based on the Warring States period of China (475 – 221 BC) and surrounding nations. The elven Kingdoms represent the states of China during this time, while the Gnomes are native to more Bhutan/Nepal regions and humans are situated in lands more analog to India and Indonesia.

The cultures are a mix, in general, of fantasy elements and historical cultures. I am borrowing themes and “flavor” from these time periods and cultures, and as I haven’t done any serious research or study into the “real world” analogs I’m borrowing from, I’m not requiring the same of my players. I’ll include some suggestions for reading/watching later if you’re interested.

Burning Castles

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